Billiards / Pool is a unique sport that takes more focus and dedication than many may realize to play well. But no matter what your goals,  may it be playing for fun or competing, playing well will always make you feel more excited about your game!  

Take a lesson or sign up for a class and enjoy training on our 7-foot regulation table! Professional pool sticks and everything you need to play billiards like a pro!

 The best way to learn pool is in a one-on-one setting, as a beginner or even a competitive player, a one-on-one setting will offer the focus and personalized instruction you need to strike them right! 

However, we offer classes for those who wish to try their skills in a supportive environment with tips from our instructor to help you make the best choices in a game-time setting.

If you're ready to hit the pool hall, join our instructor out of the studio for tournament training! Try your shots, work your technique, train your mind and play like the pros with the support of your instructor! 

 Billiards Instructor Leann D'Ettore


Learn a little about Leann 🎱: 

  • First female captain in the RI APA to bring their team to the World Qualifiers

  • Increased 4 skill levels in 5 years 

  • 3 personal APA top shooter MVP awards (overall top shooter in the division, not just female top shooter)

  • As captain brought her team three first-place trophies, 7 MVP awards within the team

  • 5 tri-cup appearances from 2017-2022

  • 1 World Qualifier appearance 

  • Won first place in three 8 ball tournaments, and 1 nine ball amateur tournament 

  • Placed within the first three places in 14 amateur tournaments 

  • Placed top ten (9th place) in the statewide APA “Best of the Best” Tournament in 2019  (top 10 Out of 158 people )

Offering lessons for beginners through to the professional level.  

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