Inverted Fitness & Golfs 5 week Women’s Exclusive Swing into Spring Golf Clinic heading-2.



Golf time consists of one hour of group golf instruction will include observation, correction & fine-tuning by a Golf Pro Eric Colchamiro starting Promptly at 10:00am​!

  1. Short Game

  2. Irons PW-7 iron

  3. Long Irons/Hybrids/Woods

  4. Driver

  5. Play a course, score & have fun!​ 

Click here to learn about your PGA pro for the clinic, Eric! 

Intro to "Fit N' Hit" for you game with Amanda Cortellesso will include assessment of flexability, balance, core strength and jury prevention techniques. 

  1. Warm ups and mobility exercises

  2. Proper Stretching

  3. Core strength fundamentals

  4. Active vs. Passive strength

  5. Balance / coordination / posture 

  6. Speed using finess!

Click here to learn more about your fitness pro Amanda!

Enjoy 3 surprise guests that are joining us to help you in various areas of your game, from mental to nutrition to injury prevetnion and relaxation! 

This is the spring time tune up you don't want to miss!