Fitness Training 💪


Our personal fitness trainers work with any client's fitness goals, be it;

 * Losing weight

 * Toning up specific "problem" areas 

 * Balance / Posture / Coordination 

 * Becoming more flexible 

 * Sports-specific training (running, golf, plyometrics for ground sports, acrobatics, obstacle training, tennis, etc.) 

 * Increasing overall endurance 


Offering Personal Training: 

 * Traditional strength conditioning for all ages & levels 

 * Stretching for Total body or problem-specific recovery  

 * Calisthenic style conditioning

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Amanda Cortellesso

Owner of Inverted Fitness & Golf

Personal Trainer

Professional Athlete & Performer 

Continued TPI education

Continued NASM certification 

Amanda's vision behind creating Inverted Fitness & Golf came from her passion for golf and her extensive background in the fitness industry as a professional coach, athlete & performer.   Her particular training style comes from her diverse career as a former elite gymnast, professional Latin dancer, professional aerialist, personal fitness trainer & golfer!

Amanda has worked with elite athletes in many sports & arts such as golfers, gymnasts, runners, aerialists, dancers, tennis players, fitness competitors, obstacle course racers,  cross-fit competitors, and more! 

However, Amanda has also worked with men & women who are simply wanting to look & feel better!

Her fitness classes and private training sessions are designed to focus on balance & flexibility, increasing core strength & endurance, losing body fat while increasing muscle and overall confidence! 

" Whatever your health and fitness goals may be, I guarantee you will reach them!" 


Inverted Fitness allows everyone to experience a new form of fitness training that's not just fun but highly effective for your fitness goals!  

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